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  • Case: Nordic Sugar

    Scan Con supplied blacksmiths to mount steel trusses for fitting a tank onto them, and a new walkway on the sugar plant in Nykøbing Falster.

  • Sukkerfabrikken Nykøbing F 2_web.jpg

  • VUC Nakskov_web.jpg

  • Case: VUC Nakskov

    For VUC Storstrøm-department Nakskov we supplied manpower for a special assignment for replacing top windows for a new and better lighing of the library.

  • Case: Tine Dairy

    Tine Mejeriet (Tine Dairy) was a Norwegian project, where 6 smaller projects were to be made into 1 big dairy. 

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  • Bravida Snøhvit.jpg

  • Case: Snøhvit

    Snøhvit is the name of a large gas field in the Barents Sea north of Norway. The gas treatment plant itself is located on the island Melkøya.

  • Case: Ulstein Shipyard

    Ulstein Verft (Ulstein Shipyard) is one of the oldest cooperation partners in Scan Con Group. Through time, we have supplied nearly all types of personnel required to build ships.

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  • Klemmensen_web.jpg

  • Case: CPH Airport

    Scan Con Group supplied manpower for Klemmesen & Nielsen Modulbyg A/S, who was working on a part of the big rebuilding.

  • Nyhamna

    Nyhamna is a large land facility, for transporting gas from the Norwegian offshore industry. 
    The pipeline itself runs from Nyhamna to Eastington, England.

  • Bravida Ormen Lange_web.jpg

  • Esvagt Freude.jpg

  • Case: Esvagt Froude

    ”Esvagt Froude” is ESVAGT’s first specially build tug/supply vessel for advanced transport of service technicians and spare parts for sea windmill farms. The ship has its own workshop and large storage rooms aft for spare parts for the windmills. The ship has room for a crew of 40 service technicians, and also a sailing crew of 20 sailors.

  • Case: Aas Mekaniske Verksted

    Aas Mekaniske Verksted is one of Scan Con’s old cooperation partners. The shipyard has specialized themselves in building well boats for the Norwegian fishing industry, but also build other types of boats.

  • Aas mek billede_web.png

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  • Statsfængslet Nordfalster

    Scan Con supplies manpower for the State Prison, currently being built on Nordfalster. The new, enclosed state prison will be 34.896 m2 in total, and with the capacity to hold around 250 prisoners.