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We can never get enough good references...

We aim to have satisfied customers, and we are happy to have many of those. That is also why we are working with the same customer again and again.

  • Here are some of our visited destinations:

  • eMaersk Olie og Gas
  • eAP Møller
  • eOdense Stålskibsværft
  • eEnergi 2
  • eVølund
  • eCheminova
  • eCimbria Unigrain
  • eHanstholm Elektronik A/S
  • eBetonelement A/S
  • eGranly A/S Marine
  • eHouse of Prince A/S
  • eStorke Vinduer A/S
  • eKværner Oil & Gas
  • eBravida Process Control
  • eYIT
  • eLandteknikk AS
  • eUlstein Yard
  • eAker Kværner
  • eAker Maritime
  • eAker Verdal
  • eKleven
  • eKaefer
  • eWest Contractors
  • eHavyard Ship Technology
  • eHellesøy Verft
  • eAas Mekaniske Verksted
  • eSAAB
  • eMidroc
  • eMälar Energi